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The Battle Just Became a War!®

1966, 1986 Jack Quinn

This is my favorite four-player chess variation and I think it is the simplest. I like the large 22" board (it's not difficult to reach your chessmen on the other side of the board) that quarter-folds down to a mere 11". The territories are color coded to match the playing pieces, which are good sized (3.5 inch king) and made in bold colors. I really appreciate that the pieces are tournament-style Staunton for ease of recognition during heated play.

Since the center of the board is a standard 8x8 playing field, Fouray can easily be used for a traditional two-player game. It's also nice that four copies of the rules are supplied so that players don't need to share.

There is another game with an identical layout, Chess 4; even the slogan is very similar. Fouray's colors and size are definitely superior so three cheers for Jack Quinn! Fouray was first copyrighted in 1966 but I can't find this edition anywhere, if it even exists; it may never have been in wide circulation or it may have been copyrighted and never produced. The one shown here is the 1986 production.

I wish this set came with additional queens because pawn promotion is still very possible. I also wish it were more commonly available! 9 out of 10 stars!

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